About CardiacTherapy.com

heart and stethescopeCardiacTherapy.com is a service created to connect cardiac patients that seek a better quality of life with accredited treatment facilities around the U.S.  CardiacTherapy.com is the first consolidated, industry wide effort to increase awareness of Cardiac Therapy (External Counterpulsation Therapy) for patients whose lives are affected by symptomatic heart disease.  Our objective is to reach the large population of cardiac patients through our online & local community programs to ultimately improve access for patients unaware of this effective treatment.

Our service ultimately came to life by recognizing serious flaws in the traditional patient referral process among physicians in the U.S.  It is a fact that nearly 90% of all accredited medical clinics offering Cardiac Therapy are Cardiology-specific facilities.  With that being the case, we recognize that there is a significant patient population  in every community that has never heard of Cardiac Therapy unless provided by their Cardiologist or Medical facility.  Cardiac Therapy will continue to remain an unknown unless there is an effective effort to create awareness directly to the patient.  Cardiologists will RARELY refer a patient to their competition especially in the case for a office-based service that they do not offer.  This defect in the referral process is proven to be the primary obstacle limiting patient access to this treatment.

By increasing awareness directly to the patient, our services will provide patient’s with vital information about Cardiac Therapy as a treatment available in their immediate community. There has long been a need for a service of this kind that not only makes the investment to increases awareness directly to the patient, but also consolidates (nearly 100% of) all providers of Cardiac Therapy into one network.  In the past, patients were required to contact each manufacturer on an individual basis to find out if they had a Cardiac Therapy customer located in their area.

Our staff is comprised of industry specific professionals who are experts in understanding the power of Cardiac Therapy to both patients and medical providers. We have over 15 years of industry specific experience relating to the sales, distribution and support of Cardiac Therapy treatment centers worldwide.  For any general questions, please email us at info@cardiactherapy.com.