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Choice is yoursChallenges of Today

Growing a medial practice or facility in today’s healthcare climate comes with big challenges. Most facilities are faced with decreasing reimbursements, increasing competition while marketing options remain very expensive and minimally effective.  In addition, most traditional campaigns that associate a clinic name or physician are often be perceived as “politically in-correct”.  As a result, many facilities avoid aggressive marketing of their services as it is often frowned upon politically by their peers & patients within their community. The only referral source of new patients is typically from select primary level physicians with virtually zero referrals from physicians of the same specialty. After all, who would send a patient (client) to their competition?


Cardiac is a effective, low cost solution that leverages the distinct patient Benefits of External Counterpulsation Therapy to reach qualified cardiac patients in your community. Up until now, there has been no consolidated effort within the industry to increase awareness about the benefits of ECP Therapy directly to the patient. In the past, the only way to reach new patients were individual efforts of each clinic or the unlikely referral from another physician.

It is known that nearly 75% of angina patients have never even heard of Cardiac Therapy (ECP Therapy) as a clinically effective treatment alternative to invasive heart surgery. If you were a patient suffering from symptoms of Ischemic heart Disease, wouldn’t you be interested too? Our service is very effective as it simplifies the treatment concept to ‘Cardiac Therapy’ and emphasizes the distinct benefits of a safe, non-invasive, clinically effective treatment with virtually no side effects. Our programs will increase your exposure to new cardiac patients and provide direct access to your medical facility.

The power of our solution goes far beyond the scope of actual ECP patients. You now have an effective platform to connect with a large patient segment in your local community.  Our service is a ‘WIN – WIN’ as more patients have access to a new, attractive treatment option for their medical condition and you (medical provider) now have an effective tool to gain access to these new qualified cardiac patients.  With,  you have the option to respond to inquiries from local patients who are interested a free consultation regarding the Benefits of External Counterpulsation Therapy. Even if these new patients do not ultimately qualify for ECP, you can use the opportunity to capture a new patient for other services without a flashy or negatively perceived marketing campaign.

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