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Heart disease remains to be the number one killer worldwide.  It is estimated that nearly 10 million people live with symptoms of Angina including chest pain, shortness of breath and chronic fatigue.  Despite advancements in medical technology, patients still find themselves taking excessive medications while simultaneously adjusting their lifestyle to cope with a disabling quality of life.  Heart medications remain costly and the thought of invasive surgery remains a last resort option for most patients today.

Solution: Cardiac Therapy

Cardiac Therapy is a unique treatment option that delivers abundant benefits to the patients that complete a full treatment session.  The medical term for Cardiac Therapy is called External Counterpulsation Therapy or ECP Therapy. This treatment is proven in hundreds of published clinical research trials to be a safe, effective, non-surgical treatment option with virtually no side effects.  Patients that complete the treatment will reduce symptoms of Chest Pain, Shortness of Breath, Fatigue and heart Palpitation.   Patients will also experience a significant improvement in energy, exercise tolerance, less medication as Cardiac Therapy is a comprehensive solution to restore a more active quality of life.  Cardiac Therapy is a low (or no) cost solution in that it is covered by Medicare & most private insurance companies.  The experts believe the treatment of Cardiac Therapy to continue to grow under the new healthcare legislation as the treatment is proven to be more cost effective than other invasive treatment solutions.

Why is an online service created to connect cardiac patients that suffer from symptoms of heart disease to qualified medical providers of Cardiac Therapy.  Our service evolved through acknowledging the limitations of the traditional patient referral process which relies nearly 100% on your physician to make the referral for a particular treatment or procedure.  Normally speaking, this remains an effective protocol for most treatment options but creates significant limitations with others.  In the case of Cardiac Therapy, nearly 90% of treatment locations are Cardiology-Specific clinics.   Due to competitive nature among Cardiologists, it is almost certain that a Cardiology specialist will NOT refer one of their patients to a competitor especially for an office-based procedure like Cardiac Therapy.  Our service is essential because up until now, a large percentage of cardiac patients living with Chest pain or other symptoms of CAD have never heard of Cardiac Therapy (as a treatment option) unless provided by their primary medical facility. With that being the case,  there is a large number patients in every community that could benefits greatly from Cardiac Therapy if they were presented with it as a treatment option.  Our objective is to increase awareness among an increasingly educated & independent patient population to take matters into their own hands.

Connect with Local Treatment Facilities

If you are a patient that had heard of the benefits of Cardiac Therapy in the past, it is likely that you would have found it difficult to find convenient treatment location near you. Prior to, the only method of access to Cardiac Therapy was the (unlikely) referral from your doctor to another doctor, or through the difficult process of contacting each device manufacturer (individually) to locate Cardiac Therapy treatment centers in your area.  Cardiac staff has more than 15 years of industry specific experience compiling unites all providers with a simplified concept (Cardiac Therapy) to improve accessibility of treatment to patients.

Cardiac is your agent to connect you to a greater quality of life!

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